Q. What is MySurf?
A. Website dedicated to buying and selling secondhand surfboards.
Q. How do i sell my surfboard?
A. Easy! Just head to the link "Sell Board" and fill in as much information as you can (The more information you give about your board the better chance you have of selling it!)
Q. I cant sell my board, it says i need to login?
A. In order for you to be able to edit details on your board after you have created the advert, we require you to sign up and become a member, this will allow you to login in at any future time and edit any info on your board.
Q. I added my board but need to change something, how do i do that?
A. Once you are logged in, simply locate your surfboard under "View Board" section. Once you have clicked on the link taking you to the full page of information about your board,  you will notice at the top of this page there are two tabs availble to you. VIEW/EDIT - Clicking the EDIT tab will allow you to change any information on your board
Q. I added images of my surfboard but they do not show when i save the advert?
A. Once you have clicked "Browse" and found the image  you want to use, please do not forget to click "Upload" next to it. If you save your advert without first clicking "Upload" then your images will not show.
Q. I shape my own boards, how can I get my own section setup on your site?
A. We welcome any potential shapers who are looking for new business, all you have to do is drop us an email and we will try help you to get your boards online.
Q. We would like to advertise our business on your website?
A. Great, once again just head over to the "Contact Us" form, and let us know what you would like to advertise and we will get in touch with you.