Welcome to MySurf.

MySurf is an online surfing resource geared towards putting you in touch with everything surf related. Our website allows surfers to buy and sell used surfboards / bodyboards and wetsuits. Every established surfer has a room somewhere filled with boards… its an addiction very few of us can escape, now you have an opportunity to get some cash out of those secondhand boards you are no longer using. New surfboards can be expensive for beginners and in our experience there is a big market for secondhand surfboards.
So go ahead and post an ad for your board, its 100% free!
MySurf is currently expanding. We are now offering any surf related shops or travel destinations (surf camps / backpackers ) in South Africa a chance to be listed on our site. All you have to do is send through an email to mysurf@mysurf.co.za and we will get you set up. When you list your business with us, we will add a new page specifically for you with everything you want your customers to know about your business.
MySurf is also starting a new project which will see a series of live surf cams installed along South Africa’s coast line, which will be available to all our users completely free.
We are still scouting locations at the moment, and hope to launch the first camera before 2012. So keep checking back!